This 7 1/2 × 8-ft. playhouse has many of the architectural details you'll find on a real house, making it a truly special place for play—and a fun project to build. With two homemade windows and a door-window, the 5 × 8-ft. interior of the main house is a bright but private space. Outside, a 2 1/2-ft.-deep covered porch provides additional shelter for playing, lounging, or welcoming guests. The entire building is supported by a single floor frame attached to a wooden skid foundation, which helps make the playhouse easy to move.

Plan Price $10

Price $10 for downloadable plans. After Paying with PayPal you will be taken to a site where the plans can be downloaded immediately.

Basic carpentry knowledge and skills are needed to build these dollhouse and playhouses. Plans include side, front and back cut-away views, detailed construction drawings, building tips, materials list and templates for rafter cuts. Just trace the lines off the template on the lumber and cut. It can not get much easier than that. These items consist of plans, patterns and material lists to build the item pictured from your materials. It is not the actual completed item shown in the picture. You are responsible for providing all the materials including lumber.

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